Kituwah Academy

The New Kituwah Academy for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is an adaptive reuse and complete renovation of an existing 25,000 SF motel building into a preschool and elementary school. The Academy is home to children from seven months to thirteen years of age taught entirely in the Cherokee language with an emphasis on Cherokee culture. The existing 1940’s motel building was fully gutted to allow for mold and asbestos abatement as well as structural analysis.  New construction was strategically woven into the existing building in order to create a cohesive plan that allows for an entirely new program to function in the space.  Corridors were added to the exterior of the motel rooms to provide interior circulation throughout the project.   A gradual ramp and an elevator were incorporated into the design to provide accessible movement between different levels.  Existing significant architectural elements, such as natural stone and exposed woodwork, were preserved and refinished to enhance the character of this unique school and tie it to its past.  A 7,000 SF addition houses additional classrooms, two large flex spaces for meetings, dining & exercise areas, a commercial kitchen and administration offices. The entire building was upgraded to meet current energy standards.  PFA integrated cultural features such as native patterns into the building’s design and interior aesthetic, and utilized energy efficient heating and cooling equipment to promote function and sustainability.

Client: Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Location: Cherokee, NC

Size: 490,000 SF

Contractor: Perry Bartsch Jr. Construction