Haywood County Department of Social Services, Health Department, and Central Permitting

PFA provided Haywood County with architectural design for this 96,878 SF reuse and renovations project of an old big box store (WalMart), to create a modern, comfortable facility for four departments being housed in the building: Haywood County Department of Social Services, WIC, Environmental Health and Dental Clinic. The interior was reconfigured into small “neighborhoods” or connected by a “Main Street” to separate the four departments, each of which required designs for administrative facilities, IT areas, storage space, clinic and testing rooms, conference areas, waiting rooms and more. PFA organized incorporation of existing furniture and procurement of new furniture/equipment. Significant daylighting and wayfinding solutions were incorporated into the new design for a connection to the outdoors and welcoming feel, including 28 skylights for extra daylight. The exterior was updated and a landmark entrance was added.

Client: Haywood County

Location: Clyde, NC

Size: 96,878 SF

Contractor: Murray Construction