Graham County 911 PSAP Facility

Graham 911 PSAP facility was developed in partnership with Graham County’s 911 team and local leadership to provide critical regional readiness and emergency services.  At just over 4,000 square feet this blast proof building houses a 911 Call Center, Offices and the facilities to serve as a hub for local emergency responders.  Conference areas and a dedicated Training room will expand the center’s capacity to serve the community and enhance important aspects of their mission.  Insulated concrete forms provide a security barrier and enhance energy performance while deep overhangs and open porches build on the regional aesthetic vernacular and maximize views to of the surrounding mountains.  This project will be complete in the spring of 2018.

Client: Graham County Government

Location: Robbinsville, NC

Size: 4,000 SF

Contractor: Western Builders of Sylva, Inc.