Fullerton Genetics Center

The new 24,042 SF Genetics Building houses the Genetics Outpatient Clinic on the ground floor and the Genetics Laboratory on the second floor. The Outpatient Clinic includes three components: the clinic, offices, and classrooms. The clinic has a waiting room, 3 exam rooms, 3 consult rooms, an observation room, and a therapy room.  These rooms are arranged so the patient can start at the reception and travel through the progression of rooms finally ending back in the waiting area. It also has classrooms, a staff breakroom, and offices.

The 10,000 square foot laboratory floor was designed with the flow of testing in mind. Each lab room was designed around the equipment needed for that function. The open lab area takes up the center of the floor and allows the directors to easily assess what the staff is working on. There are offices, a staff break room, and a conference room on the perimeter.

Client: Mission Health

Location: Asheville, NC

Size: 24,000 SF

Contractor: H & M Constructors