Bethel Elementary

Built to replace a 1953 school building, the new Bethel Elementary School is 98,000 square feet and was designed to accommodate 750 students.  Sited on a 49 acre site with incredible views of Cold Mountain, the school utilizes several green strategies to reduce its impact on the surrounding environment.  Its dual use by the area as a community center reduces the need for a separate community complex.  A geothermal heating and cooling system provides an energy efficient, as well as low maintenance, HVAC system.  The use of natural daylight in classrooms is intended to help student performance and reduce energy costs.  The installation of two Bio-Retention wet lab areas with indigenous plants will provide outdoor science classrooms for the students, in addition to on-site stormwater control.

Client: Haywood County Schools

Location: Canton, NC

Size: 102,000 SF

Contractor: American South