Avery’s Creek Elementary School Phased Renovations

Since 2015, PFA has been involved with the planning and growth of Avery’s Creek Elementary, Buncombe County Schools system’s fastest growing elementary school.

First, a masterplan was created that involved a facility assessment, staff interviews, needs identification, phased improvements plan and budget analysis.

Second, Buncombe County Schools authorized funds for a minor renovation to add staff toilets and storage facilities for the school. This project was completed in May of 2016.

Third was the addition to the cafeteria and creation of the canopy to give the school much needed dining space and a new identity. This work was completed in the summer of 2018.

Finally, in 2019 PFA completed a major Arts Addition that unified the aesthetic of the school and added much needed classroom and storage space. A music room, art room, and hallway containing reading nooks were all added to the west wing of the school. The concept also involved a new stage on the opposite end of the gymnasium with storage and access into the music and afterschool classrooms for ‘green room’ space for productions.

Client: Buncombe County Schools

Location: Arden, NC

Size: 7,000 SF

Contractor: Cooper Construction Company